At LTH we break down social and cultural barriers to sustainability and understanding, by coming together and celebrating the diversity and wonders of nature and our multicultural world. We offer a safe and stimulating bilingual learning experience focused on respect and awareness of other cultures, languages, and forms of artistic expression.
This is accomplished via a comprehensive nature based curriculum that teaches tolerance, solidarity, and empathy while encouraging children and their families to connect with and care for nature and one another throughout their lives.

We believe in:

  • Teaching respect for Nature and the Environment through Discovery

  • Teaching how to do “our part” to sustain the Planet

    • As founding members of the Virginia Green Initiative (VGI) we are devoted to motivating everyone to embrace all facets of sustainability in their daily lives

  • Exposing children to life cycles and allowing them to experience them first hand

  • Respect and awareness of other languages and cultures

  • Bilingual instruction in English and Spanish, featuring exposure to other languages as our monthly curriculum evolves

  • Interactions focused on cooperative learning and sharing

  • Discipline through Redirecting

  • Multicultural Celebrations

  • Tailoring curricula to fit you and your child’s needs and interests

We are located in beautiful Leesburg, Virginia, just 35 miles outside of Washington D.C.

Our horse country property features rolling hills, a picturesque brook, beautiful woods, multiple pastures, and open, natural play areas.


 We also have a fully functioning historic chicken coop and a completely restored, 200 year old bank barn and stable. Most importantly, LTH is an official Wildlife Sanctuary, recognized by the Loudoun Nature Conservancy, the Audubon Society, and the National Wildlife Federation! 


Our location is minutes away from downtown Leesburg and 0.75 miles from Route 15. Tucked away off Gleedsville Road, it's just a quick turn, a small dip onto our private driveway, and you're there!

Look out for our hand-painted Little Tree Huggers sign on the road!


  • Organic growing, recycling & composting

  • Creating natural pigments

  • Repurposing art

  • Scavenger hunts & nature walks

  • Camping experiences

  • Cooking adventures


Education & Discovery

  • Story time

  • Writing

  • Dramatic play & fine arts

  • Music & movement

  • Math

  • Science

  • Geography & history

  • Show & Tell



And much more!

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